Student Council

What is Student Council?

Student Council is a leadership group made to represent the student body with the aim of increasing student voice. It consists of 2-4 students from each year group who are elected by their peers, teachers and Executive Team via a voting ballot process after speeches and questioning by the panel of experts.

How it evolved

In 2020, Student Council received an overhaul which has resulted in an outstanding development program for aspiring student leaders. The restructure included the creation of a Student Council Form where students meet every morning to receive daily notices like the rest of the school. They use this time as an opportunity to work on projects and discuss upcoming events. They also meet every second Monday after school.

What they do

The demand for projects by Student Council is high. They attend a number of parent and community events hosted by the school to assist with greeting and ushering guests. The council also devise, plan and coordinate projects to raise funds and carry out student-led events and activities to increase student engagement and enjoyment at school.

Benefits & Outcomes

Changes to our Student Council program has led to a genuine increase in student voice in our school as well as notably more engagement with the activities run by Student Council versus teacher run extra-curricular activities. It has given students a structured opportunity to develop leadership skills in areas of project planning and coordination, team work, public speaking, peer engagement and to contribute to our school and local community as positive citizens.

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