International Students

Girrawheen Senior High School’s International Program delivers high quality teaching to international fee paying students. Our program works to support student well-being and academic learning, whilst assisting with communication between the family and school to provide students with the right conditions for achieving academic success.

All enrolment applications by overseas students must be made through TAFE International WA (TIWA). The school will only consider enrolling International students who are referred through TIWA.

A History of Success

Our school’s well established International Program has consistently produced top performing students within Western Australia since 2011. With 100% graduation rate and a history of success, the program’s first international student completed Year 12 with outstanding exam results and became the recipient of the Dux award. Two years later another student of the Program was also the winner of the Dux Award.

Majority of those in our Program achieved success in studying an ATAR pathway and have attained scores giving them access and the choice to select from any of their University and course preferences for tertiary education. Others have completed a combination of ATAR, Certificate and General courses to finish Year 12 with Nationally Recognised Certificate qualifications, giving them the option to transition into the workplace or enrol in further tertiary education.

Student Well-being

The well-being of International students is paramount to ensure they get the most out of their learning experience. The school recognises the importance of this, and has therefore appointed an Ethnic Support Officer since the program first began. The Ethnic Support Officer acts as the point of contact for International students and can also provide support with communication between their families and the school. Students can also access other support services within the school, some of which include Positive Behaviour Coordinators, School Psychologist, School Nurse and Chaplain.

International students who are accepted into Girrawheen Senior High School become a part of a school with rich diversity where its variety of cultures are regularly celebrated at events such as Harmony Day. Engagement activities such as this can assist students to feel connected to the school, increasing their sense of belonging. This can help to reduce any ‘homesick’ feelings that students may experience when studying abroad, allowing positive mental health for productive learning.

Academic Support

Our International program is unique in providing academic language support to students all the way secondary school through to completion of Year 12. We offer a subject called AELD which stands for English as an Additional Language or Dialect. It can be delivered either as an ATAR or General course. The additional support students receive in this subject help with passing OLNA exams. Passing OLNA is a requirement for successful completion of secondary school education for all students who study in Western Australia.

Begin your application to Girrawheen Senior High School by applying through TIWA at