Welcome to Girrawheen Senior High School!

At Girrawheen Senior High School, we believe in nurturing not only academic success but also the development of well-rounded individuals who understand the importance of making positive contributions to society. Our commitment to providing a holistic education is what sets us apart and makes us an ideal choice for your child’s future.


Recognition and Excellence:

In 2022, we were honoured to receive School of the Year for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the Western Australian Education Awards. This accolade is a testament to our dedicated and talented staff who go above and beyond to create a stimulating learning environment. In 2021, we were named in the top four schools in the state, solidifying our reputation for educational excellence.


Dedicated Teaching Staff:

Our team of supportive and passionate teachers empower students to reach their full potential and excel in their academic pursuits. Our teaching team includes STEM Teacher, Charan Pabla, who was awarded WA’s 2021 Secondary Teacher of the Year.

With expertise and commitment to student success, our teachers often coordinate additional support and extension programs on top of their required workload.


Academic Achievement:

At Girrawheen Senior High School, we prioritise academic achievement to equip our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to embrace future opportunities. Our ATAR pathway has produced outstanding results, with students receiving State Distinction Awards and State Subject Awards. Our school’s median ATAR score consistently surpasses those achieved by similar schools.


Comprehensive Curriculum:

We understand that every student is unique and has individual talents and aspirations. That’s why our curriculum offers a diverse range of academic and vocational pathways. Whether your child is inclined towards traditional academic subjects or prefers a more hands-on approach, we cater to their needs and tailor programs accordingly.


Rich Extra-Curricular Programs:

At Girrawheen Senior High School, we go beyond the classroom to provide enriching extra-curricular programs. Partnering with industry experts, we offer specialty programs and activities in areas such as STEM, Athletics, Basketball, Dance, Drama, Badminton, and much more. These programs not only enhance students’ skills but also foster their passion and creativity.


Developing Student Leaders:

We believe in nurturing leadership qualities in our students, empowering them to become confident and responsible individuals. Our school offers various opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills through Student Council, mentoring programs, and community engagement activities. We aim to cultivate future leaders who will make a positive impact on society.


Outstanding Award-Winning Students:

We encourage all our students to strive for their best and provide them with opportunities to showcase their talents and skills. Through school activities and initiatives, our students excel, and have earned accolades at global, national, and state levels. Some recent outstanding achievements include the 2022 Bronze Global Inspiration Award won by our STEM Club for their work in the Shell NXplorers Program. As well as STEM student, Edward Guo, winning the 2021 and 2022 WA State Solar Car Challenge. In 2021 he also travelled to Tasmania to win the Australian National Solar Car Challenge. In 2022, we saw a student become a member of the first ever Western Australian Student Council, inspired by his own role within the Girrawheen SHS Student Council. That same year, our Unity Elite Dance Team placed first in Open Novice Division Hip Hop at the State Championships, fast-tracking their place to compete at Nationals. At the 2023 City of Wanneroo Australia Day Ceremony, Year 12 graduate, Kyeden Heir was presented with the Charles Searson Australia Day Youth Award. Kyeden was also a Finalist for WA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year at the 2022 WA Training Awards presented by North Metropolitan TAFE.


Choosing Girrawheen Senior High School means choosing an educational institution that is committed to your child’s growth, both academically and personally. With a focus on academic excellence, a comprehensive curriculum, and a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities, we provide students with a pathway to a successful future. Join our community and witness the transformative power of education at Girrawheen Senior High School.