At Girrawheen Senior High School, we not only strongly believe in achieving academic success, but also the development of a well-rounded individual who genuinely comprehends the importance of contributing positively to society. To this end, we offer a wealth of opportunities to provide every student with a pathway to a successful future. In 2022, Girrawheen Senior High School was crowned as the winner of School of the Year for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, following on from 2021, where Girrawheen Senior High School was named in the top four schools in the State, as a finalist for WA Secondary School of the Year in the WA Education Awards.

Our school has a strong focus on bettering student academic achievement so that our students may enter the world as well-equipped as possible to pursue any opportunity that may become available. We provide an ATAR pathway which has seen students achieve prestigious State Merit Awards and State Subject Awards. Our School’s median ATAR score consistently performs significantly higher than scores achieved by like-schools. We work with a whole school approach towards improving numeracy and literacy levels amongst our students. This was proven successful when the school was recognised by the Minister for Education for demonstrating levels of achievement and student progress in NAPLAN that was well above the national average for students with similar backgrounds.

Our team of teaching and support staff work together to provide a safe, positive and engaging learning environment for all students. We employ techniques which are supportive and inclusive. Girrawheen Senior High School teaching staff includes the 2021 WA Premier’s Secondary Teacher of the Year, Charan Pabla, who works within the STEM learning areas.

We work hard to provide choices for our students. Our curriculum allows for both academic and vocational pursuit. All students are catered for and programs are tailored to meet their needs.