Attendance Policy

We are committed to providing our students with a quality education. Regular attendance at school has a significant bearing on academic success.

Regular Attendance

Regular attendance is defined as 90% or greater. To achieve this, students may only be absent for five days of each school term. Those students who do not have a regular attendance rate are supported through an attendance plan.

Compulsory Attendance

The Education Act requires that all students attend school daily until the end of the year that the student turns 17. A record of daily attendance must be kept in a class register. The register is a legal document and may be required to be produced in court.


All students must be at school by 8.30 am and ensure they are prompt to all classes.


All absences for part of or an entire day must be explained in writing by a parent or guardian. Notes must be

  • dated
  • addressed to Form teacher
  • specify reason/s for the absence/s
  • submitted on the day of return to school

Prolonged Absence

If a student may be absent for a prolonged period of time, parents or guardians should notify the school at the earliest opportunity. Work will be provided so that students will not fall behind with their classwork.

Leaving School Grounds

Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds without:

  • first signing out at the Student Services Desk
  • written permission from a parent or guardian

For more information please download a copy of our Attendance Policy.