Responsible Use Of Mobile Phones Policy

The school recognises that some guardians/parents provide mobile phones to their children for safety and organisational reasons.

We, therefore, need to be specific about what we mean by responsible use of mobile devices by students at school:

  1. Students are permitted to use their mobile phones before school , at breaks and after school (whether for calls, texts or as iPods). Parents and students should be aware that lost or stolen phones are not the responsibility of the school. This includes any phones held at reception.

  2. Students are not allowed to use , or have mobile phones/devices turned on in class time unless permitted by the classroom teacher. They must remain in the student's bag always. Students must also keep their phones in their bags between classes. Travelling between classes is not considered a break. A staff member can confiscate the phone should a student be using their phone.

  3. Students are not allowed to take photographs or film other students or staff on their phone or another electronic device apart from school work which is assessable . Staff are not to take photos or videos of students unless a parent/guardian has given permission. Examples: Review of a performance for assessment or enrolment and identification purposes.

  4. It is not acceptable for students to access social media sites on their phone/device while at school.

  5. Students are not to charge any electronic devices at school. We will not provide security for this action.

  6. The use of mobile phones on excursions and camps will be at the discretion of the teacher in charge . The teacher in charge will instruct students as to when they can use their phones. Phones will predominantly be used for emergency communication and to be able to communicate with their parents/carers and family members. The phone policy and associated consequences still apply in the event of student misuse.

  7. If a student is using a phone in class time and has not been specifically allowed to by the teacher in charge of the class, then they must hand it to the teacher when requested to, without question.

    The phone is then handed by the teacher to the front office, or Deputy Principal to be collected at the end of the day. If the behaviour is repeated the student will be required to hand their phone daily to the front office for a specified number of school days. Students will be required to sign for their phone in the phone log at the end of each day. This will be the responsibility of the student. Continuous or repeated breaches of the phone policy will result in the student not being able to bring their phone to school. Parents/Guardians will be notified via telephone call and/or letter.

  8. Any arguments from the student regarding handing over their phone, will mean that behaviour management strategies will be applied as per the school's Behaviour Management in Schools policy. All students should comply with all requests from all staff members .

  9. Overall, the responsible use of mobile phone policy means that students are required to act responsibly. If students cannot work within these guidelines, a decision to ban the use of mobile phones may be reinstated. Following these guidelines, we all should be able to work together in harmony and respect.

  10. Lost or stolen phones are not the responsibility of the school.

A PDF version of this policy can be downloaded HERE.