Homework Policy

Homework is seen as a vital part of learning and students can expect to have either assignments or homework in each area of study.

It is important to distinguish between homework and home study. Homework largely consists of set assignments or the completion of work commenced during class.

Time should also be spent each night in home study - revision, studying for tests, reading texts in preparation for lessons, wider reading from library books, internet etc.

Minimum recommended times dedicated to homework or study (5 nights per week):

Year 7 - 8 1 to 1.5 hours per night
Year 9 - 10 1.5 hours to 2 hours per night
Year 11 - 12 2 hours to 3 hours per night

A number of opportunities exist to support students' learning outside of normal school hours:

Some teachers run extra revision courses after school to consolidate course work and prepare students for WACE examinations.

Students may also seek advice about how to improve their study habits from a teacher or their Dean of Studies/Year Leader.

Homework and study policy can be downloaded from HERE.