School Volunteer Program

2015 has seen Girrawheen Senior High School welcome some new faces to the School Volunteer Program, as well as having our much loved long term volunteers return to help our students out. The School Volunteer Program aims to strengthen school engagement by providing high quality mentoring programs. Volunteers undergo training to help them support students and ultimately improve both the education and life outcomes for our students. Volunteers are matched with a student and act as a mentor for that student over the course of a year.

This year we have seen the positive influence that mentors impart on our students as students have built their confidence, improved literacy and continued to develop pro social behaviour. Mentors have engaged in various activities with students including cooking, basketball, reading, art projects and general help with school work.

Volunteers in the program have detailed their positive experience whilst working with students at Girrawheen and many have signed up to volunteer again in 2016. The School Volunteer Program is a fantastic part of Girrawheen Senior High School and will continue to help young people succeed.