Community Partnerships

Establishing and maintaining valuable community connections

We are grateful for the support we receive from the broader community, including community groups and universities as well as our partners in business and industry.

Community Groups

We maintain strong links with the wider community for the benefit of all involved

  • The Edmund Rice Centre Mirrabooka - The Edmund Rice Centre runs sports activities that use our facilities outside normal school hours including a girl's soccer team and badminton.
  • School Volunteer Program - Trained volunteers come to the school as part of t he School Volunteer Program which aims to strengthen school engagement for our students by providing high quality mentoring programs.
  • Vietnamese Cultural and Language classes - These use our school facilities every weekend to promote engagement in learning for members of our local Vietnamese community


We have made good connections with local universities to support the learning of our students. Both the University of Western Australia (UWA) and Edith Cowan University (ECU) offer mentoring programs to our students.

Students who excel in the subject area of mathematics also have the opportunity to attend a Mathematics Summer School that is normally conducted at one of the local universities.

Business and Industry

Through the establishment of our Trade Training Centre we have been fortunate to establish some beneficial partnerships with key industry leaders in the construction industry.

We have forged partnerships with:

Industry leaders have recognised the Trade Training Centre for its potential as a gateway into the construction sector.

Our Workplace Learning program has also enabled us to form valuable connections with a large number of businesses across all sectors of the workforce. Our students benefit from opportunities to have workplace experiences in whatever their chosen profession.