Education Support Program

Allowing students to reach their full potential

Our Education Support Program caters for students with learning disabilities and who require extra support to reach their full potential.

Programs are catered to individual student needs and are delivered in small classes.

Students attend our dedicated Education Support Centre and benefit from our team of teachers and additional support staff who are committed to their academic development.

Years 8 and 9

Years 8 and 9 students attend Mathematics, English, Science and Society & Environment classes in the Education Support Centre. They join mainstream classes for Design & Technology, Computing, Home Economics, Physical Education, Art and Drama. Education Assistants accompany students in mainstream classes where required.

Students participate in a Community Access/Travel Education Program aimed at developing skills that enable them to travel independently and safely on public transport.

Students are also able to spend time at Landsdale Farm School, participating in gardening and farm related work.

Years 10, 11 and 12

The Education Support Senior School Program focuses on the development of life skills to ensure a smooth transition from school to life after school.

Students receive support as required to ensure they can demonstrate employability skills.

Students are able to study:

  • Certificate I in Business
  • ASADN Program - attracts WACE points and leads to graduation
  • Workplace Learning