Care Team

Committed to the individual care and support of our students

We have a dedicated team of teachers, health professionals and support specialists committed to the social, moral and academic development of our students.

Aboriginal Education and Islander Officer

Aboriginal Education and Islander Officer provides support and guidance to Aboriginal students and their families on any matter that affects student education.

Community Nurse

Our on-campus Health Centre is staffed by a qualified nurse two days per week. The nurse is able to advise students on general health issues and attends to illnesses and injuries that occur at school.

Positive Behaviour Co-ordinators

Lower and Senior school each have their own dedicated Positive Behaviour Co-ordinator who manages the academic progress, behaviour and attendance of each student within that year group.

School Chaplain

The School Chaplain is available to discuss and assist students, parents and staff with family, personal, emotional or spiritual issues. The Chaplain is able to arrange community services when required.

School Psychologist

The School Psychologist assists with concerns of an educational, behavioural or psychological nature.

Cultural Liaison Officer

Our Cultural Liaison Officer provides support to overseas students and their parents/guardians. The Cultural Liaison Officer is able to assist with enrolment procedures and day-to-day school matters. The Cultural Liaison Officer also coordinates course selections and assists with communication between teachers and overseas families to ensure academic achievement and social adjustment.

Dean of Studies (Years 10 to 12)

The Dean of Studies manages the academic progress, behaviour and attendance of students and provides pastoral care as required.

Social Worker

The School's Social Worker assists students who require support to deal with outside issues whilst completing their studies.