Study Tips

What is study?

Studying means 'using your time to learn'. Studying is to review, understand and memorize important information teachers have given you.

Why should I study?

  • To help you to retain information long-term
  • To improve your marks
  • To make school easier and more enjoyable
  • To improve your memory and make you less stressed during exams
  • To help you develop the life-long skill of self-discipline

Where should I study?

  • Ideally in a quiet place, away from family noise and the TV.
  • It is best to have a regular spot with a desk, chair, good lighting, a shelf and a storage space for your notes.
  • Utilise any spare time available to catch up. Eg - in the car, on the train, waiting for someone, at the library, during lunchtime or at work when it is quiet.

How long should I study?

Year 7         1 ½ hours per week

Year 8         1 ½ hours per week

Year 9         2 hours per week

Year 10       5 hours per week

Year 11       8 hours per week

Year 12       10 hours per week

What is the best way to study?

Immediately tidy and organise your desk after returning home from school. Write down a brief study plan for the night and list:

  • What you have to do
  • How long you need for each task
  • The order of the importance of your tasks

What do I study?

Study should be divided into homework, assignments and essays, note making and revision, learning and committing to memory.

Homework, assignments and essays

These items should always be done first. Try to make a start on all assignments as soon as you get them. Divide assignments into manageable sections and decide on short, regular times to work on them.