Academic Extension

Providing for the needs of gifted students

Our curriculum is student-focused. The progress of every student is monitored by a team of qualified and dedicated staff, allowing for the modification of a student's educational program.

This differentiation provides for the needs of gifted students within the classroom and allows for a range of enrichment and extension opportunities beyond the classroom.

Our core value of Doing Your Best strongly encourages all students to reach their potential and the school is committed to supporting this in every aspect.

Mathematics Academy

We are also proud to be able to offer our gifted students further academic opportunities through our well-established Mathematics Academy.

The Mathematics Academy is an after-school program that seeks to develop the understanding of key mathematic concepts for students who aspire to higher levels of learning than is typically available in a classroom.

Our team of committed mathematics teachers and volunteers provide tuition and support for students seeking extension and advancement in this area.

Performing Arts Academy

Our Performing Arts Academy is an after-school program that aims to nurture and develop the natural creative abilities of our students.

Students participate in workshops with industry professionals to further enhance their performance skills and knowledge.